SnickerSnickertales™ is the brand name of stories written by Valerie L. Egar posted on the Snickertales™ Facebook page and on Followed by over 230,000 people worldwide, the stories value kindness to people and animals, respect for the earth and its creatures, and love for each other. They are always brief, full of heart, and fun to read.

One of my Snickertales, Oh No! Reindeer Flu!, evolved into a children’s picture book and will be released for sale on October 3, 2019 in hardback, Kindle and other ebook formats. When the reindeer are ill on Christmas Eve, the North Pole huskies save the day by pulling Santa’s sleigh. Beautifully illustrated by Tamara Campeau, Kirkus Review called it “A lively holiday tale that may make youngsters wonder why Santa ever used reindeer in the first place.”